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Top Facebook Games

Top Facebook Games 2013

Top Facebook Games 2013

Nowadays, social media is getting momentum in each and every internet domain whether online connectivity with buddies throughout the world or perhaps method of enjoyment. Facebook, a popular social networking website, provides numerous means to many people to have enjoyment from the internet entirely. Users are now able to very easily enjoy the gaming world provided to them by Facebook. These types of online games are not only entertaining but could be enjoyed cost-free. Make no mistake, enjoying FIFA 2013 on Playstation 3, Mario Kart on Wii and Black ops 2 games from Tesco on Xbox 360 certainly have their very own places and offer a significantly richer video gaming experience however Facebook games enable you to enjoy from your smartphones even if you are on the move. There are variety of Facebook games that you could select from like Farmville, Cityville, SongPop, Word Challenge, Mafia Wars and much more. Here a list of the most popular 10 Top Facebook games of 2013:

1. Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile phone game for smartphones and Facebook. According to Google, the game has had over ten million downloads

2. FarmVille 2: FarmVille is among the most-played Facebook games. Players have to deal with a simulated farm by means of planting of crops and harvesting trees.  Be it a grownup or a child, they prefer this particular game play to the highest.

3. Restaurant City: This particular game allows you to be the operator of a restaurant. You can lend an invitation to the friends as well.

 4. Mafia Wars: This particular game is mostly favored by travel fanatics as it allows the players to travel numerous countries such as New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, and Paris and so on.  There is a complete market place provided to the gamers to trade for what they desire.

5. CityVille: Launched by Zynga, CityVille has captivated a big target audience. The game not just offers a frolic world but also permits the gamers to execute specific tasks side-by-side such as construction, farming, collection of tax and buying or selling of goods. .

6. FishVille: Comparable to that of FarmVille, this game offers a computer generated aquarium tank to the players. The players need to cope up with the virtual gaming world to handle the aquariums effectively.

7. Buddypoke: The real world offered by this game allows the players to select their own Buddypoke characters. The players can discover this pleasurable world with their friends as well. One can even chat and play within the game.

8. Castleville: In this game, the player can own his own castle. One can construct and enrich the castle to make it worth living for everyone. Once you make some money in the game, you can open various outlets within your castle such as library, ice cream store and cake shop.

9. Pet Society: The virtual pet world proposed by the game enables you to build up your own property.

10. Monster World: In this game world, one not merely enjoys with all the creatures but may also control a grass land of his own.

These types of games are among the Top Facebook Games of 2013 being elected by the majority of the players. Despite of all these games, there are many more as well such as Dragon City, clash of clans, Hay Day, Bike Race and the like. So, enjoy the online gaming planet together with your buddies and create a fun social network.

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Candy Crush Saga Cheat

Candy Crush Saga Cheat

Candy Crush Saga is really a brand new, candy-themed match up online game upon Facebook, produced by Cal . king. net also responsible for other huge “saga” successes like Bubble Witch Saga or more recently Hoop The Loop Saga.

Candy Crush Saga Gameplay


Released solely for Facebook this features in release 66 amounts along with extra prepared while offering numerous techniques for gamers to judge their very own capabilities towards period, limited actions, gathering components as well as removing jellies.

The goal will be to support Mister. Toffee great child, Tiffi Toffee, journey the whole world to be able to fulfill enjoyable figures like the Hombre de las nieves as well as Boucle Ness Beast. However be cautious, you will discover blockers within every single show that will almost certainly stop your own development.

The overall game provides a various game play method of match-3 video games, rather than the normal period dependent as well as limitless busy one minute units present in some other game titles such as Bejeweled Flash or even Gemstone Splash, this utilizes the actual “limited amount of moves” game play design therefore effective within Real estate Witch Tale, to offer the minimal rating as well as crystal clear the amount. Each and every maneuver matters as well as and you also have to smartly strategy your own goes to be able to be successful, find the correct fits, those using the greater ratings as well as strive for 3 of the celebrities!

Candy Crush Saga is actually broken into attacks as well as amounts, every area provides a various problem, this gives with regard to sufficient game play range with regard to gamers to relish. A few degree possess components between the sweets, that require to decrease towards the bottom part from the panel, other medication is protected along with jello as well as should be revealed to you through complementing sweets upon all those prevents.

In case you are not able to complete the amount objective inside the accessible goes or even go out of accessible goes a person reduce the living, but do not be concerned, you begin along with 5, as well as life is rejuvenated with time, for a price of just one each and every for each half an hour, you may also get life from the buddies.

While you improvement hanging around, you are going to uncover a few fine energy highs to assist you complete a few degree, like the additional goes (which provides five additional moves), as well as Lollipop Sludge hammer in order to grind just one chocolate (a single jello obstructed item with regard to example).

Socially you are able to ask your pals to try out, deliver as well as get life, brag whenever you move somebody, or even parents in order to uncover a few amounts. Right now the only real choice to spend cash would be to purchase life, there is absolutely no shop as well as energy highs can come as a person improvement.

Theoretically Candy Crush Saga provides fantastic pictures as well as close to perfect game play, pleasant sound clips as well as sufficient range to maintain a person arriving to get more each day. Certainly an activity to test with regard to Facebook gamers.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Feet wins MPGL 3-2

After losing to Softvision at Groupstage dropping them to losers bracket, Happyfeet never looked back and stream-rolled every opponent. They were able to climb to Finals from the losers bracket by defeating Team Dreamz 2 and Team Minerva

Final match-up was a re-match between Softvision and Happyfeet with Softvision having a 1-0 advantage coming from a Winners bracket. Happyfeet with its experience defeated Softvision 2-1 even destoying the Fountain before ending the game. This is an extraordinary feat, being able to dominate your opponent with a 4 melee line up and destroying the fountain with the help of Crystal Maiden's Frost Bite. It was an epic journey for Happyfeet. Our 2 consecutive MPGL champion.

You can get the replay here : Download Replay

Friday, February 18, 2011

The 8 Golden Rules of Hooves of Fire

These Eight rules are to help you with strategy in the game, but before you can think about strategy you need to know how to play the game. If you haven’t read every page of the wiki help section then please do so now.

Especially as there has been an update with many new features. It is important to know about every aspect of the game. A lot of questions asked on the message board can be found within the wiki help.

1) Buy the best

Buy the best horses you can afford. Don't buy geldings buy stallions and try to breed. If they have been unsuccessful at stud geld them. There are Gelding available on the horse market for billions of pounds yet the best horse in the game has won less than $ 200 million so you will struggle to make a profit on that deal. Breeding is the key to being successful.

If you buy a newborn choose a breeder you have bought a good horse from previously (I like to buy from Owen’s, Page and Jacobs), but try to breed the majority of your horses. If you must buy a player sold horse choose one for a higher price than what you have sold your horses for. There is a mark-up on the prices so buying one for the same price as your horses are worth will probably mean it is inferior to your own horses.

2) Expand your stables when you can

Try to expand to 15 stables as soon as you can. Buy Mares and breed to fill your stable. When you use your own stallion you get a free horse, but to improve the class of your stable breed your mares with better stallions than the ones you have. When you breed your own horses don’t worry about inbreeding father and daughter…etc. it has no effect on the foal whatsoever.

The more horses you have the more races you can enter the more races you enter the more prize money you can win. Especially with Group 1 and Group 2 horses. Enter horses in the soonest race possible. Keep your horses in the lowest grade possible. Maidens in No Wins. Group 2 horses in Open Races..Etc.

It is hard to choose races for newborns so I just enter them in first newborn or no wins race. This will also ensure they race over different conditions so you are sure what is best for them. Also always enter races using the races button next to the town button. This is more flexible than using the horses stable or View my profile as you have more choice. Both more later races and earlier races that are not on the horses profile page. You also choose which horse is best for each race

3) Don't bet more than you can afford to lose

Only bet a maximum of 5% of your total cash. If you have £100,000 don't bet more than £5,000 on each race. If you lose a lot - stop betting! Only a very small minority make money in this game betting and of course never chase your losses. Most peoples problem within the game is when they lose all there money betting. Remember gambling is a mugs game.

4) Breeding is the Key to Success

Breed your mare with the best stallion you can afford don't breed on the cheap your stable won’t get stronger. Choose a stallion one fee range up from my best stallion. Send all your stallions to stud every night or any time there isn’t a race available for them. If no one uses a stallion after 2 nights at stud geld him.

Give a stallion a good name and he is more likely to be chosen to breed with. If stuck for a name try to combine its mothers and fathers name. Also adding the stars at birth at the end of a horse’s name can mean your stallion may be used more.

Only breed your younger better class mares as breeding with older mares is a step backwards. Because mares are out of the game for two days every time they breed they are unlikely to reach Group One Level. So once a mare has produced a filly I usually sell. I don’t spend money buying them shoes and saddles as they unlikely to run in enough races. Look at the list of top horses very few are mares.

I don’t usually have more than 3 mares if I am breeding once a day, though if I am away for a few days I do breed 7 mares if you are away for a few days it will also help you get the breeding achievements

Freezing is also another option to selling. If a mare hasn’t produced a filly I can freeze her then later I can unfreeze and give her the Mare Birth Pill so you can continue the blood line at a later date. Also if your horses rarely make it to Group 1’s freeze horses when they reach Group 1 and when you have several unfreeze and race them all in the Pro rooms.

5) Friends can help

Get as many friends as you can and invited your friends to play. Your horses will be happy and healthy with many people brushing and feeding them. Want more friends? - Start by Adding me:)there are over 500 people in the “Add Me – I need friends on Hooves of Fire” Facebook Group add as many of them as you want:)- Click the link below and join so others will add you also >>

6) Knowing when to Sell

You cannot sell a horse after the age of 10 so any ten year old who isn’t Group 2 or it is isn’t being used to breed then sell it and breed another horse. If you have a big stable try to sell or freeze a horse on average once a day and breed new one. This way the quality of horses in your stable will improve quicker. Also every time you breed you are one step closer to the breeding achievements these make your foals live longer.

For a beginner a horse’s life span is 14 to 21 days. When you reach the pro breeder award for breeding 200 foals the lifespan of your foals is between 20 to 24 days. So it’s worth breeding as much as you can.

Personally I don’t use the selling licence you can buy from the shop. I would rather guarantee to sell one horse every 24 hours to the game as you can only sell with the selling licence when someone buys your horse. You can a lot sell more horses but no one is buying the horses up for sale use up a stable space.

Personally I have found no many horses are sold to other players and as the licence lasts a week the chances are you could go a whole week without selling a horse as with the sell now option you could have sold 7 horses in a week.

7) Buy Improvement

Work out which ground and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate shoes. Also treats from the shop will improve your horses. If you can afford it training shoes, melons (apples for non-pro trainers) and Flame or Ice Saddle is the best combo.

Buy the Flame/Ice saddle once a horse has won 10 races so I know if it is a sprinter or a stayer.
Use boosters on any horse your going to have a big bet on. Only use steroids on poor horse with low win to run ratios so if they die it’s no great loss but they may improve drastically. Also buy a Star or Sonic Brush.

These are expensive $ 80,000 and $ 500,000 but they will pay for themselves very quickly as they are worth up to $ 600 / $2000 per horse. With a Sonic Brush if you have 34 friends with full stables you can earn up to $ 1,000,000 a day! It also it makes your horses much happier.

Train, Feed and brush your horse a few times a day this will improve them and keep them happy. Also when brushing a friends stable and a horse need feeding, feed it, it only takes a second.

8) Knowledge is everything

Learn as much as you can about the game. Read the all the wiki help pages especially after an update to get full knowledge on new features. Take a look at the discussion board once a day and use chat to ask other players questions. Help new starters, who know they may return the favour by using one of your stallions. Never use offensive names for your horses as you will get reported this could lead to banning from the game. If you think a name might offend someone don’t use it also never offend anyone on the discussion board. It’s nice to be nice.

Use Internet Explorer to play the game. I am not a big Microsoft fan but IE plays the game faster than other browsers

Also ensure your adobe flash player is up to date – check it here

Also clear your internet cache at regular intervals a full cache can slow the game down

I you want to play the game on a mobile phone get an android 2.2 device like the HTC Desire, which unlike the i-phone has flash 10.1 and you can play the full game online.

Become a VIP it has a lot of addition features such as selling horse, access the science lab as well as a further insight into your horses ability and what tracks they like. At $5 a month it is about the price of a drink. Think of it as buying beer for the creators as a thank you for all their work on a great game.

Try becoming a VIP for a month when it runs out try it without for a few days if you miss it sign up for it again. It is possible to enjoy the game and succeed as a non-VIP, but as selling, birth pills, star ratings, freezing….etc. are great advantages I could not imagine playing the game without VIP status.

The most important thing to remember is it is a fun game, don’t take it too serious. If your horses are losing and your losing money walk away turn off your Computer give your horses a well deserved rest. Have a coffee come back refreshed and start again in a new country. There are winning streaks and losing runs, but the good times far out way the bad and they are worth waiting for - Enjoy:)

Credits to Richard Lloyd
Visit his website here

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Cityville Cheat - How to earn more gold and save energy at the same time

Cityville Cheat - How to earn more gold and save energy at the same time

Earning gold in CityVille requires a lot of time, energy and effort. The CityVille Cheat/Trick here is to create a place where you will isolate all of the high payout decorations. To learn more about the trick, follow the steps below.

Create a layout like the one on the picture above. My layout has a concentrated payout at the middle of additional 225% bonus. I tried other layouts but this is the highest I was able to make so far. I will not force you to copy this layout but you may do so if you wish.

Once your business store is ready to be collected, you click on the move tool and transfer the store at the middle of your layout and collect.

Regular payout for Cinema is 749 but I was able to get 2435 because of this layout.

This trick might be tedious to some but if you only choose the high payout businesses, this is worth the effort. In my case, Instead of using 3 energies and hundreds of stocks to get the payout of 2435 coins, I only used 1 energy and 140 stocks.

If you want to know more about CityVille, visit my other post about CityVille Basic Guide

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